Project by Jordan Geiger, Daniel Barry, Adam Laskowitz

“Emission” is a title that refers to both radiation and broadcast in the word’s French usage. This word identifies an important relation between electromagnetic frequency radiations and new technologies, especially communications technologies, in our world now.

How can we revisit modernist perceptions of space today? One answer is to look at the air constructed and mediated by architecture as highly saturated with invisible elements in dynamic play with our bodies. Here at Villa Perrotte, the former residence and practice of a doctor, this installation shows the intersection of architecture, electromagnetic radiation and health effects. In this consultation parlor, posters and objects for consultation imagine where we are going in the next 25 years. Each poster describes a possible scenario involving health, law, materiality and modernist culture. These narratives have specific places and dates that corresponds with real global changes documented in research, with references to the sources. The didactic posters take form as one might find at the doctor, with an associated anatomical model or instrument from these speculative futures. In this way, architectural, urban and global development scenarios are explained through the intensive mix of influences that are distant results of modernist ideas.

Emissions was exhibited as a part of the Diep International Arts Festival in July 2011.