Buffalo Bus Blog


The Buffalo Bus Blog is a proposed service for the public transit users of the Buffalo- Niagara region. Through an analysis of public transportation systems, it may be seen that passengers are subjected to extended periods of isolation with one another, yet often times experience relatively little social exchanges with their cohorts. Through utilizing the subversive communication techniques of text messaging, BBB provides passengers with the ability to communicate with one another through an indirect means. A message’s inclusion of a hash tag denotes which bus the passenger is currently on. The message is then referenced with an online NFTA bus schedule, cross-referenced for current time and location, and saved into a database. Future passengers may then receive the message along their bus route, respond through commenting, or simply start new conversations. Here, passengers may select to listen to a particular passenger’s posts, the most recent posts made along a specific bus route, or simply post a string of messages which compose an extended narration throughout the journey.